Cottages & Castles

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Fairy tale holiday cottages

Make your ‘Once upon a time’ happen… We cannot believe the summer holidays are officially over. You will already be inundated with school runs, homework and extracurricular activities, so much so that you will be...

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Wooden cabins in Scotland

We have Cabin Fever! And we don’t mean in the claustrophobic sense… We get more and more requests for cabins in Scotland therefore I thought to gather up our wonderful wooden holiday homes and blog...

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The oldest cottages in Scotland

This week we are looking at our lovely little traditional stone built holiday cottages in Scotland, nestled in magical quiet locations all over. Here are six of our favourite which have been restored from...

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5 Scottish castles you must see

Scotland’s oldest castles were built for strength and protection with their main purpose being to keep the occupants safe through enemy attacks. These Scottish castles, the oldest buildings in the world, have seen centuries of...


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