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Bachelors' Club

Tarbolton, near Preswick

About the property
In 1779 Burns attended dancing lessons in this 17th-century thatched house. He formed a debating club here in 1780 and drew up the 10 Rules of Membership for the society. One rule stated that to be a member you had to be a bachelor living in the parish of Tarbolton thus the property earning its name ‘Bachelors’ Club’. Robert Burns was also initiated into Freemasonry in the upper room in 1781.



  • Occupied by various families from the early 17th century up until 1928
  • John Richard and his family were the owner occupiers of the property in the mid 1700so John Richard and his family were the owner-occupiers of the property in the mid-1700s
  • Burns attended dancing lessons and formed his debating club in the upper room

Opening times

House: 25 Jan, 1-5; 1 Apr to 30 Sep, Fri-Tues 1-5