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Self catering accommodation in Scotland

The following holiday properties have all been recently added to our website.

Little Gannochy, once the factors office for Gannochy Estate, is a delightful cottage in an idyllic setting a few seconds walk to the banks of the North Esk.
Annexe for 2 available for an extra weekly charge.
Little Gannochy weekly rates from Sunday 7th September 2014 until Saturday 6th February 2016
Weekly RateDepositFrom DateTo Date
£730.00£220.00Sunday 7th September 2014Saturday 27th September 2014
£680.00£205.00Sunday 28th September 2014Saturday 11th October 2014
£680.00£205.00Sunday 12th October 2014Saturday 1st November 2014
£600.00£180.00Sunday 2nd November 2014Saturday 15th November 2014
£600.00£180.00Sunday 16th November 2014Sunday 21st December 2014
£850.00£255.00Monday 22nd December 2014Sunday 28th December 2014
£900.00£270.00Monday 29th December 2014Sunday 4th January 2015
£600.00£180.00Monday 5th January 2015Saturday 10th January 2015
£600.00£180.00Sunday 11th January 2015Saturday 7th February 2015
£600.00£180.00Sunday 8th February 2015Saturday 28th March 2015
£680.00£205.00Sunday 29th March 2015Saturday 18th April 2015
£680.00£205.00Sunday 19th April 2015Saturday 23rd May 2015
£730.00£220.00Sunday 24th May 2015Saturday 30th May 2015
£730.00£220.00Sunday 31st May 2015Saturday 20th June 2015
£780.00£235.00Sunday 21st June 2015Saturday 5th September 2015
£730.00£220.00Sunday 6th September 2015Saturday 26th September 2015
£680.00£205.00Sunday 27th September 2015Saturday 10th October 2015
£680.00£205.00Sunday 11th October 2015Saturday 31st October 2015
£600.00£180.00Sunday 1st November 2015Saturday 14th November 2015
£600.00£180.00Sunday 15th November 2015Monday 21st December 2015
£850.00£255.00Tuesday 22nd December 2015Monday 28th December 2015
£900.00£270.00Tuesday 29th December 2015Monday 4th January 2016
£600.00£180.00Tuesday 5th January 2016Saturday 9th January 2016
£600.00£180.00Sunday 10th January 2016Saturday 6th February 2016
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Hidden away amidst fields this is a gem of a Georgian farmhouse overlooking fields and the Perthshire farmland. The wonderful rural location gives you the best of both worlds with the peace and tranquillity of the country yet a mere few miles to a town and a perfect jumping off point to explore Scotland.
Trowan Farmhouse weekly rates from Saturday 6th September 2014 until Friday 5th February 2016
Weekly RateDepositFrom DateTo Date
£850.00£255.00Saturday 6th September 2014Friday 26th September 2014
£800.00£240.00Saturday 27th September 2014Friday 10th October 2014
£800.00£240.00Saturday 11th October 2014Friday 31st October 2014
£750.00£225.00Saturday 1st November 2014Friday 14th November 2014
£750.00£225.00Saturday 15th November 2014Saturday 20th December 2014
£900.00£270.00Sunday 21st December 2014Saturday 27th December 2014
£1200.00£360.00Sunday 28th December 2014Saturday 3rd January 2015
£750.00£225.00Sunday 4th January 2015Friday 9th January 2015
£750.00£225.00Saturday 10th January 2015Friday 6th February 2015
£750.00£225.00Saturday 7th February 2015Friday 27th March 2015
£800.00£240.00Saturday 28th March 2015Friday 17th April 2015
£800.00£240.00Saturday 18th April 2015Friday 22nd May 2015
£850.00£255.00Saturday 23rd May 2015Friday 29th May 2015
£850.00£255.00Saturday 30th May 2015Friday 19th June 2015
£900.00£270.00Saturday 20th June 2015Friday 4th September 2015
£850.00£255.00Saturday 5th September 2015Friday 25th September 2015
£800.00£240.00Saturday 26th September 2015Friday 9th October 2015
£800.00£240.00Saturday 10th October 2015Friday 30th October 2015
£750.00£225.00Saturday 31st October 2015Friday 13th November 2015
£750.00£225.00Saturday 14th November 2015Sunday 20th December 2015
£900.00£270.00Monday 21st December 2015Sunday 27th December 2015
£1200.00£360.00Monday 28th December 2015Sunday 3rd January 2016
£750.00£225.00Monday 4th January 2016Friday 8th January 2016
£750.00£225.00Saturday 9th January 2016Friday 5th February 2016
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