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I am going to make a confession – I personally do not own a dog, so I thought it better to ask our pool of trusty Facebook followers if any of them would come and create an essential pooch packing list for us. I was delighted by the reaction and even more delighted to receive such a considered pet friendly packlist from Phil Thomas.

Phil Thomas is a professional PR and copywriter. He lives in North Wales with his girlfriend and two Patterdale terriers, Penny and Skye. The family loves staying in Scotland and last year toured the Outer Hebrides in a camper van. Now when packing for your break you don’t even have to think – he’s got it all covered!

pet friendly packlist, skye and penny

Dogs love holidays! One of the great joys of self-catering holidays in the UK is having the family pet(s) to share it with you. Yet as we all know, with pet ownership comes great pet responsibility (said in a deep and sincere voice). Just as the kids will moan if you forget the Frozen DVD, so will your furry friend if you leave his favourite chewy toy at home. So to keep everyone happy and to make pre-holiday planning that little bit easier, we’ve produced a print-out-and-keep Pooch Packlist describing all the essentials you need to ensure pets and humans have a great break.

The Cottages & Castles Pet Friendly Pack List – 10 essential things to take with you for a pet-tastic holiday

1. The favourite toy and treats. Toys or chews come in all shapes and states of distress (very distressed if it belongs to a terrier) but they’re a terrific distraction tool. On a long trip or when settling in to somewhere new, dogs like something familiar to play with.

pet friendly packlist, the essential chew toy

2. The dog bed and plenty of bedding. It might be bulky but again, it will help your dog to enjoy settled nights in new surroundings. If the dogs travel in a cage or crate, just leave the bed and bedding at the bottom so they have a comfortable journey too.

pet friendly packlist, the essential dog bed

3. Poo bags. You might be able to flick it with a stick when you’re in the middle of nowhere, wandering the vast Caledonian forests, but there’s no excuse for leaving mess anywhere else.

4. Carrier bags. One thing we know from experience, when you have a dog (or dogs), you can’t have enough carrier bags. Great for dirty towels, dirty harnesses, dirty dog toys, dirty…well, you get the gist. Which leads us onto…

5. Cleaning wipes for your hands.

6. Lots of towels. On occasion, Scotland can be a bit wet and muddy. And Fido loves mud. Now most holiday homeowners leave clean towels for their guests, but they’re not meant for dogs. Make sure you pack plenty.

pet friendly packlist, the essential towel

7. Dog shampoo so you can give Rover a good soaping down before he drags mud into the cottage.

pet friendly packlist, the essential shampoo

8. Harnesses and a spare lead. Not everyone uses harnesses but when you go somewhere new your pet might be more excitable than normal, so they’re worth considering if the dog’s likely to strain on a lead. Speaking of leads, take a second one just in case – you can leave it in the car.

pet friendly packlist, the essential harness

9. A pair of tweezers. If your dog is the kind that likes splashing around in ponds and marshy ground, then there’s a risk they’ll pick up a tick. Ticks are harder to find when they’re small and first bite, but if you find them sooner rather than later they’re easier to remove with a pair of tweezers, so long as you’re careful.

10. Dog bowls for water and food, dog food and bottles of water. As well as food and bowls, take some bottles of water. You can leave the bottles in the car, but if you’re out for a long walk your dog will appreciate the water when you get back to the car, especially on hot days.

pet friendly packlist, the essential waterbowl

Of course you can buy a lot of this stuff on your travels, but that assumes you’re going by a town big enough for shops that stock these things. Not always the case in Scotland! Better to take as much as you can and be prepared – even if it does take up half the car boot!

What items do you take to keep the dogs happy? Have I missed anything from our list? Let us know…

logo castleA BIG Thank you to Phil for coming to blog with us – I am sure his list will result in lots of happy holidaying dogs this year! If you are interested in pet friendly self-catering accommodation in Scotland visit our website here and scroll through our pet-tastic properties. Ranging from small remote cottages to historic grand castles we are bound to have something to suit.

Take a look at Pet Friendly Properties in Scotland that welcome the dog

Until next time The C&C Team


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7 Responses

  1. Phil says:

    If you’ve got a long-haired dog you’ll probably want a brush to get all that dried mud, twigs and leaves off them before you get back to the cottage!

  2. Twiglet says:

    #8. A harness is also good for restraining dogs in the car if they travel on a seat, rather than in a crate. You can get a short lead with a seat belt clip at one end, then attach it to the harness.
    #9. Hmm, not sure about ordinary tweezers for tick removal – you can get a special wee tool for removing them (L-shaped, with a split end to go around the neck of the tick). You really don’t want to squeeze a tick, as that can push infected blood back into your dog. We also take a small first aid kit (our vet gave one to all new puppies).
    Other things we take: a torch for night-time walks (not everywhere has street lights) – a fleece throw for the bed if dogs are allowed in bedrooms – a spare collar (with tags already attached) in case the collar buckle breaks…

  3. Gordon McCabe says:

    Excellent post but I’d add the following tick remover tool as tweezers can leave the head in and lead to cyst and Lyme disease –

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