Spring in Scotland – 4 Packing Essentials

The sheer variety of landscape present in Scotland makes it an alluring place to visit, whatever the season. However, Spring in Scotland is among the best times to head to this ancient land for a break, provided you’ve packed the right essentials.

This post will run through exactly what you need to bring to make a trip to bonny Scotland a success, making sure you’re set to see the sights in comfort.

A hefty waterproof

Okay, we’ll get this bit out of the way. During Spring in Scotland the weather is… changeable – and it’s not unheard of to experience all four seasons in one day depending on where you are, the Highland weather this week is the perfect example! While average temperatures range from 7°C to 13 °C in Spring, it pays to be adaptive to sudden rainstorms and possibly snow if you’re off for a hike in the Cairngorms, so a high-quality waterproof coat combined with some fleecy layers underneath is a highly necessary purchase, as there won’t always be a convenient bothy to take shelter in. If you’re looking to hike for long distances, then a waterproof backpack is another essential if you’re to avoid ruining your kit and soaking your packed lunch.

Wearing the proper gear can be the difference between a successful hike and one that’s aborted early in favour of a few drams in a country pub. Actually, that doesn’t sound too bad, does it?

Spring in Scotland, view over the Trossachs


A snow-savvy selection

Scottish snowsports are severely underrated, as some days in winter and through to early spring the snow can be as good as anywhere in the Alps. Packing the correct gear so you can go for a spontaneous day on the slopes at ski centres such as Cairngorm Mountain, The Lecht or Nevis Range is a consideration that shouldn’t be overlooked – so breathable base layers, goggles and ski jackets are sensible things to pack should you decide to head for the pistes for some end of season slope time.

Before you schlepp all the way up there, we’d suggest checking for the latest piste and weather updates to avoid any disappointment.


Clothes to kick back in

Unless you’re a hardcore black-run skier or a plateau-conquering walker, relaxation should be at the heart of your stay in Scotland. From hearty fireside meals in remote pubs to blissful evenings in your cosy accommodation, you’ll need some reliable, smart-casual clothes to relax in, such as a pair of men’s jeans combined with a super-warm knitted jumper (yes, even in spring).

After all, we all want to look good on holiday – and hiking gear isn’t always the most stylish evening attire, let’s be honest. So make sure some stylish yet comfy clothes are packed amongst your mountain-ready gear and you’ll easily avoid a fashion faux pas.



Pack gadgets (or don’t…)

It’s a good idea to pack some tech to help your trip go smoothly. Whether it’s a tablet to keep the kids occupied in the back of the car or a phone with a navigation app to keep you on the right track when out hiking, be sure to bring whatever you need to help make your trip go smoothly.

However, a holiday in a remote cottage surrounded by beautiful countryside might be the perfect venue for a digital detox holiday, where you leave your smartphone at home and embrace a less screen-focused way of living. We don’t recommend going for a spring hike in a dynamic landscape such as the Highlands without some form of communication technology, so it’s wise to bring along a trusty, low-tech phone with plenty of battery life to help you stay safe.

So, whether your Scottish trip is set to be an action-packed outdoors adventure or a more laid-back long weekend, we hope these tips help you make sure you’ve packed the right things to make it an unforgettable experience.

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