Applecross – Estate Office House progress

Seeing you all love a good project we thought we would share the progress pictures of the new house on Applecross Estate…

Some of you will have read our past post on the new house on Applecross Estate – The Estate Office House. Well it isn’t really new, it actually really old and has an amazing history, but it is being renovated to create the most amazing holiday home with spectacular sea views. Applecross is a remote peninsula located on the North West Coast of Scotland and is an area of true beauty.

Applecross, the estate office, waterside location

May 2016 – There have been some special spectators throughout the project including these curious Red Deer. The renovation project started earlier a couple of years ago and boy was it a project to take on. Estate staff stripped out most of the interior of the house leaving only the floors and the staircase in place ready for the local joiners mason and electricians to proceed with the rebuild. As it is a listed building no alteration to the exterior was allowed but major changes to the interior layout were permitted. New openings were made in the interior walls to enable access right across the first floor and to enable a ground floor shed to become an en-suite bathroom.

Applecross, the estate office, scaffolding up! Applecross, the estate office, more scaffolding

A steel reinforced concrete floor of extra depth was then laid with under floor heating pipes encased and a strong timber frame had to be built which would support the floors and the roof because the walls of the house were no longer to be load bearing. Insulation of a high specification was placed within the framework to ensure that the house will be energy efficient. The roof was stripped of slates and the timbers were removed and replaced with new wood. The slates were then replaced with ones salvaged from the old roof plus others taken from a dilapidated barn. Once the roof was back on and the refurbished windows back in the work on the interior could really get underway.

Applecross, the estate office Applecross, the estate office, rear entrance

July 2016 – The interior is really coming together as the team works long days to get this house up and running. The walls and plastering has progressed a lot over the last few months and the layout of the house is really beginning to take form. The plumber and electrician have been to make their first fits and the construction of the new bespoke staircase has now been started which is exciting.

Applecross, the estate office, bedroom Applecross, the estate office, South bedroom & bathroom

August 2016 – The scaffolding lessens as the house gets closer to completion. The roughcast harling of the gable ends and the pointing up of the gaps between the stones is now finished and a start is made to the rainwater rones.  Inside the doors and skirting boards are being fitted and bathrooms and kitchens are beginning to take shape. We are getting closer but still a while to go yet.

Applecross, the estate office, exterior Applecross, the estate office, job done! Applecross, the estate office, Plumber's kit Puzzled Plumber

By December the house was almost complete. It is now carpeted and furnished and the finishing touches are being put in place to get it all ready for the first lucky customers! There are 6 stunning bedrooms: 3 Kingsize ensuite bedrooms, 1 double bedroom and 2 twin bedrooms which share a bathroom. There is a lovely living room and a beautiful dining room off the kitchen. The location of the Estate Office House is simply breathtaking. Being set right on the shoreline you have 24 hour panoramic views across mountains and sea, and it is withing walking distance of the famous Applecross Inn!

Applecross, the estate office, almost complete!

A special thanks to Mike Summers again for the updates. This spectacular house wont be available until Summer this year, but if you are interested in being some of the first few to stay in the Estate Office you can contact us on 01738 451 610. The house is not live on your website yet as we are currently in the process of setting it up, but we are allowing you to reserve dates now!

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