Dog friendly holidays in Scotland

We can provide dog friendly accommodation in Scotland so nobody gets left behind…

Dogs do many things. From providing that extra layer of warmth on a chilly night, whether it be at the end of a bed or curled up on your feet, to being the barking incentive to take a walk even in the dreariest of weather. They make walks fun, or not so when caked to the ears in mud, and are wonderful company without the harassing of conversation when you want a quiet moment to yourself. Dogs do many things, the most important being that having a dog means you make an occasion of the small things. There are many perks to having a dog and we know this, so we make sure we have dog friendly accommodation to offer you.

dog friendly holidays scotland

Alas, with every silver lining there is a cloud, and none more so apparent when planning those two weeks of freedom, when the children are set free from school and a holiday is afoot. What shall be done with the dog? And thence proceeds various conversations weighing up the pros and cons of dog sitters (“but they would need to stay in the house yes?”); kennel stays (“what if the other dogs eat him?”) or calling in a favour from an unsuspecting family member. Wouldn’t it save time, money and the chance of having to repay Auntie Pam threefold, if the dog could come too? And more importantly, wouldn’t it be more fun? What would a pet friendly holiday house look like? What would the perks of taking a dog be?

dog friendly holidays scotland

Perk number 1: Your family, complete with canine companion, would be welcome at The Shell at Ardtur. In fact, your extended family and their canine would fit too, for this delightfully presented house sleeps ten. The selling point for our canines would be the ease of which they can explore the beach, with a gentle stroll taking you to a shingle and sand beach, perfect for ball chasing or if they are feeling brave, a dip in the sea.

Dog friendly holidays, house in Argyll, Scotland Dog friendly holidays, Argyll, ScotlandHowever, if the weather turns, the tree-lined private drive offers a suitable wet weather substitute for a dog walk, when even your pooch says no to the rain! For those more active dogs amongst you, the local bike hire means that your walk turns into a run, perhaps on the cycle track from Glencoe to Oban, which can be reached by crossing the nearby impressive Jubilee Footbridge and boardwalk over the tidal marshes!

Dog friendly holidays, Sitting room with view, Argyll Dog friendly holidays, kitchen, Argyll

On your return to the house, the paved terrace provides a comfortable spot for those all to rare snoozes in the sun, with the huge glass fronted sitting room capturing the sun’s rays so you can still enjoy the warmth even if there is an autumnal chill in the air. The central log burner is the ideal place to rest and recuperate after the days excitement, with the cloakroom perfect for a cosy, canine bed. View today: Sleeps 10 | Argyll & Bute, Scotland | Short breaks accepted

Perk number 2: When holidaying with a dog there are certain requirements that are essential to ensure your canine has the time of their life, the most important being: space. Closely followed by privacy, if your dogs are like my mothers and can’t stand either other dogs or other people. For these more antisocial canines, Professor’s Cottage near Kinlochewe is the dream destination. Located in the depths of a valley three miles down a rough track and on the edge of the Abhainn Bruachaig river, this cottage is certainly a remote escape for all of the family to enjoy.

Dog friendly holiday, Achnasheen, ScotlandDog friendly holiday, Achnasheen, Scotland

Imagine the hours of exploring and adventures to be had by both children and doggy in the wildly remote, bracken covered landscape, hopping stones across the river with the space to roam and run until their legs feel like jelly. Sometimes there is no better feeling than feeling truly lost in nature. For a day to remember, pack a picnic (and the doggy treats) and tackle the 4.5 mile walk (not for the faint-hearted) to Loch Fada where there is a small boat with outboard motor, included in the rental of the cottage. And for the brave amongst you, but probably more so for the canine companion, a brisk dip in the chilly waters makes you feel alive.

Dog friendly holiday, Achnasheen, Scotland

Dog friendly holiday, Achnasheen, Scotland

Is there anything better than an afternoon on the Loch with a picnic on the water? How about a sky so dark with stars are so bright you feel you could touch them? Oh wait, you get that too, with the telescope in the living room providing stargazing (admittedly, this is less for the dog). Professors Cottage is pure escapism, and not to be missed. View today: Sleeps 6 | Achnasheen, Scotland | Short breaks accepted.

Perk number 3:   The Morayshire countryside holds many delights for the exploring dog, from rugged moors in the Cairngorm National Park to shingled beaches of the Moray coast, and Daltullich Cottage is ideally situated to enjoy both. The delightful garden opens with a gate to access the river, providing ample opportunities to roam whilst staying close by if the weather ruins the fun.

Dog friendly holiday, Morayshire, Scotland Dog friendly holiday, Morayshire, Scotland

The garden itself is safely enclosed, ideal for for unaccompanied and unsupervised play for those moments when you need a break…from the children and the dog! The opportunities to spot wildlife are boundless with deer, pheasants, red squirrels, birds of prey and hares all to be spotted from the cottage, and the windows running the length of the living room enables you to be David Attenborough from the comfort of the sofa.

Dog friendly holiday, Morayshire, ScotlandDog friendly holiday, Morayshire. Scotland

The fantastic open fire provides the ideal spot for a comfortable nights sleep, or for a cuddled and cosy snooze for the weary explorers, whilst a glass of wine is sipped of an Autumnal afternoon. Keeping your canine companion downstairs is a must for Daltullich, but the oil fired central heating will ensure a warm night, just make sure the kitchen is secure!  View today: Sleeps 7 | Forres, Scotland | Short breaks accepted. 

So there you have it. Holidaying with your dog can be easy, provided you have the space and comfort to do it in, and the peace of mind knowing that your dog is welcome. And as every good parent/dog owner knows, you are prepared and you are prepared with the following things:

  1. Dog bed – we all know that you get a better nights sleep in your own bed.
  2. Dog food – these cottages are self-catering after all.
  3. Dog bowl – this can make or break a meal, you get used to your own things.
  4. Poo bags – yup, self explanatory.
  5. Dog towel – there is nothing more essential after a long, wet, muddy, sandy, slobbery, exuberant walk!

Dog friendly holidays in Scotland

Having a dog means you make an occasion of the small things. And holidays are the same. Holidays provide the time to slow down and enjoy the simpler things swallowed in a hectic life. Holidays are the epitome of making an occasion of the small things, whether that is having breakfast in bed as a treat, or taking five minutes to stroll out in to nature and stop and take a deep breath…. Although, in our opinion, only the latter is made better with a dog!

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Photo Credit for the lovely doggy pics – Karen Appleyard Photograpy

Photo credit for the property photos – Daniel Wilcox Photography


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