Halloween’s Coming

Halloween is upon us, the ghosties are out

It’s the night for remembering the dead,

Trick or treating, funny costumes, pumpkins galore

Have fun but remember your head!


It’s time to scare households and ask for sweets,

But it’s polite to at least do a trick

All you Devils, zombies, puppets and cats

Sing a song, do a dance- take your pick!

What will you watch under the blanket at night

Lights turned off, popcorn out, feet in slippers

Your friends will be whimpering, you’ll try and stay brave

But will the SCREAM be yours or JACK THE RIPPER’S?

Scary faces will surround you on this haunted night

But it’s pretend and they will disappear,

Shut your eyes if you’re worried, and think happy thoughts

The Boogyman? oh NO, he will fill you with fear….


Where will you sleep on All Hallows’ Eve

Will you be scared or tucked up safe and sound?

Casper’s Castle perhaps, that haunted house on the hill,

Or in a turret with the Addams Family all around?

Crawl over to our web, where the spiders hang out

 And see what we can offer thee,

Creepy cottages, Menacing Mansions, Crazy Castles alike

You will be safe when you stay with C&C!

logo-castle.jpgBook with us this Halloween!

Some of our spookiest castles……Click on the images to view them!

 castleton_house_loch_fyne_exterior p1321 a

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