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With fresh, local ingredients, cooking on holiday can be a real pleasure. But it does mean having to do a bit of food shopping, which isn’t high on my list of fun things to do! The good news is, with online grocery shopping so readily available, you can get all your essentials sorted out before your holiday even starts.

self catering groceries


I love the benefits of going self catering. You can get up when you want and have a full Scottish breakfast in your pyjamas, or tuck into a Cullen Skink supper at midnight.


self catering cullen skink


And because you’re not going out to eat all the time, you can save some pennies for those big day trips. It’s also especially good for people who have allergies or are very particular about what they eat – like young children. My 5 year old already turns his nose up at the wrong type of baked beans!

But packing for a self catering holiday means you often sneak a few more home comforts in the car than you would normally – kids’ toys, your favourite coffee machine, the dog! Which doesn’t leave much room for a week’s worth of groceries.


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Get online before you go away

If you’ve registered for online grocery shopping with a supermarket like Tesco, then you’re already used to the convenience of a home delivery. So, it’s useful to know that your food and drink can also be delivered to practically any other residential address in the UK, including holiday homes. With Tesco, you can even collect your groceries from as far north as the county of Sutherland.


self catering explore


To check whether they can deliver to your holiday destination, all you have to do is go to the grocery homepage and try to book a delivery slot. If they can’t deliver to your chosen address, you’ll get a message letting you know why.

When do they deliver?

You can have your shopping delivered at practically any time of the day. Tesco deliver from 8am–11pm, Monday to Friday; 9am–11pm, on Saturday; and 9am–10pm on Sunday. So it’s easy to find a time to fit around all your exploring and sightseeing.

You can book an available delivery slot before placing your order, so if they can’t deliver to your location, at least you won’t waste any time choosing your shopping.

You can also change your delivery time, as long as you do it before 11.45pm on the night before your delivery date.


self catering delivery van


Is there a minimum spend?

From essentials like milk and bread to treats like chocolate and beer, you can get the bulk of your self catering shop all done and dusted, and then top up with any local specialities you find on your travels. You can spend as little or as much as you like but if there’s less than £40 in your basket, you’ll have to pay a £4 charge on top of any delivery cost.


self catering tesco finest


Delivery tips

  • Make sure you have the correct address and postcode of your holiday destination.
  • When you book a delivery slot with Tesco, there’s a section where you can leave specific delivery instructions, so it may be useful to include your mobile number.
  • If you’re renting a holiday home and the owner is on-site or close by, ask if they could take the delivery in, if you’re running late.
  • If you can’t get it delivered to your destination, see if there’s a Click+Collect point in the area instead.


self catering home delivery


So, if you’d like to pack more into your holiday without packing tons of groceries, look into a supermarket delivery service and enjoy a hassle-free start to your self catering break.

Here are some handy links to find out more:

Tesco groceries site

Tesco Deliveries FAQ’s

A special thanks to Choi Kelly, a Digital Copywriter in the Online Creative and Content department at Tesco, for coming to write with us today. Having used Tesco online myself, for both home delivery and holiday delivery, I can recommend their service with confidence! Get your holiday menu planned today!


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