Self-Catering in Scotland

Until one has gone self-catering in Scotland, the benefits of such a holiday are unknown!

Picture this- you rock up to your hotel late having just driven miles to get to your destination, enduring screaming children, car sickness, or maybe even a puncture which took hours to fix. You get in but the hotel restaurant is closed and you now have to go out to find food, after dragging your luggage up lifts, along corridors and into your room; kids still tired and screaming, disturbing every other guest in the hotel. Huffs, puffs and sighs can be heard making you on edge, irritable and stressed. The thought of returning through the hotel is too much to bare, getting into the room was a challenge enough, so one of you is sent off to get fast food while the other does the hot, tired and moody bath time. The food is then eaten in the bedroom where the kids get sticky, you feel greasy and the ketchup ends up on the bed sheets. After that hectic spell you want to wind down but you can’t turn the telly on as you will wake the children, especially the one sleeping between you on the bed………If only you had gone self-catering!


Now picture this: You pull up to your holiday home late having just driven miles and miles to get to your destination, enduring screaming children, car sickness, or maybe even a puncture which took hours to fix….You open the car door and your screaming kids immediately calm down with the instant hit of fresh air. They explore and potter about the peaceful surroundings, giving you time to get the luggage out of the car which can be dumped in your own hallway for later. There is not a sign of anyone else, no one to disturb, no one to annoy. You have come prepared with food and drinks so this is put on straight away in your cooker and the kids can burn some energy exploring their new home for the week, making as much noise as they want. The supper is eaten around a table in the lovely dining room, and then washing up is put aside for the morning. The children are bathed and tucked up in bed, in their own bedrooms, the washing is on, and now you can relax on a comfortable sofa, alone, with a glass of wine and plan your week. Bliss!


self-catering scotland Inver Cottage

Admittedly some of that may be a bit far-fetched; however there is true experience in that! Self-catering holiday homes are a wonderful friend for you and the family and we at Cottages & Castles really understand this. So much privacy and freedom comes along with the luxury of self-catering accommodation, you can choose your own company, take more belongings, come and go as you please without disturbing anyone else and you can settle into a real living space and lifestyle for the duration of your break. As well as all of this you get great value for money, no time restrictions regarding meal times, the freedom to indulge in your own personal interests, and a fantastic holiday in a homely setting.

Once you go self-catering in Scotland with your family you will never go back!

If you have had any funny experiences in either a hotel or self-catering accommodation we would love you to share them with us so please leave your comments below. Remember to check out our website and take a look through our great holiday homes today.



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    would love to know more about Pier cottage argyll and the Isles sleeps 6 ?

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