The Babymoon Boom in Scotland

The first thing that should be noted about a Babymoon is this: it does not involve a baby. So if you are reading this unsure of what a Babymoon is, and you have a baby staring at you, then you are too late, this time round! 

A Babymoon is a mini-escape for expecting parents to spend quality time in an idyllic destination, before the nappies, sleepless nights and a lot of feeding.

It’s a chance to get away from the craziness that comes with preparing for a baby, final hurrah if you like. A hurrah that can be enjoyed on your own, with your friends or with your partner. Typically taken in the second trimester, it gives you the option to chase the sun before it becomes inadvisable to fly, and before you become so pregnant even moving can be taxing! The ideal Babymoon location will be different for everyone, so take some time to plan ahead to ensure you get the most out of your holiday and stay safe while doing it.

Olivia enjoying a restful Babymoon

Health and wellness influencer and mum-to-be Olivia Elise stayed in The Old larder. Read on to see how she liked it…

At Cottages and Castles we have over 400 properties, some of which could have been designed with a Babymoon in mind. And for those that leave the Babymoon to later, the option of a staycation is more likely to hit the spot! Luxurious, welcoming, cosy and comfortable we couldn’t wait to offer up one such home to a lucky lady to enjoy a Babymoon. And that is what happened when Health and wellness influencer and mum-to-be Olivia Elise, who has a combined audience of 9000, recently enjoyed a Babymoon stay in The Old Larder last week. Stylish and classic with original features such as a vaulted brick ceiling, stone flagged floors and a stone staircase effortlessly blended with all the modern facilities you want, The Old Larder is a gem of a house. Located in its own exceptionally pretty glen in the Border’s Tweed Valley, Glen Estate offers peace, seclusion and history in one package. Perhaps even the perfect place for a bit of peace, quiet and R&R before the arrival of a new baby!

The Old Larder - a perfect spot for a BabymoonMake the perfect Babymoon breakfast in bed The perfect recipe for a Babymoon, peaceful settings and lots of BOOKSTwo lovely bedrooms

Hi Olivia! Why did you decide to have a Babymoon?

“We decided to have a babymoon to really take time out for ourselves and spend it with each other before our baby arrives. Our life is about to drastically change and we won’t be able to travel on a whim in the future so we wanted to take advantage of the freedom and enjoy each other’s company.”

What are the benefits of a Babymoon?

“Getting away from the problems of day to day life is so good for us. It helps you to unwind physically and mentally and prepare for your new life with a newborn – I don’t know about you but I always get my best sleep when I’m on holiday. It also gives you time to reflect and spend time together as a couple so that you become even more connected before your little one arrives.”

What influenced your decision on where to go?

“We wanted to stay in the UK as we didn’t feel comfortable going abroad so late in my pregnancy. We had never been to Scotland so wanted to explore somewhere new!”

Olivia and Danny on their Babymoon

Olivia and partner Danny loved the peace and tranquility of the setting.

What are the top 3 things that made it a success for you?

  1. The absolutely stunning views that literally took our breath away. I am very into an active lifestyle so this was perfect for long romantic walks and exploration. 
  2. The cosy Old Larder where we could relax 
  3. The trip to Edinburgh where we got to see some of the history of Scotland

Who went with you on your Babymoon?

“Just us”

What were your considerations for making sure it was the “right time” to go?

“We had to make sure I was in good health and still able to do things as I wanted to get the most out of my time away. We also had to factor in time away from work and we wanted to make sure we had bought everything we needed for the baby before we spent money on being away.”

Does the fact that you are bringing a new life into the world bring new perspective on places that you are visiting?

“Oh definitely! It’s made us want to explore and do more things away from where we live. When you venture outside of your hometown you learn so many new and interesting things which is so healthy and beneficial when bringing up a child.”

Babymoon - the grounds are lovely to walk aroundThe Old Larder

What made The Old Larder property ideal for your Babymoon?

“It was cosy yet spacious and really romantic. And due to the stage of pregnancy I am at our babymoon was a staycation, and visiting Scotland suited this, but because we hadn’t been before it was still a new experience, and therefore even more special. And it was close enough to Edinburgh to make a day trip easy and manageable”

What was your first impression of The Old Larder?

“I think my first words were “oh wow.” I absolutely loved the decor, the views, the whole feel of the place. It was just perfect. The location of the property was stunning, it felt almost hidden, and gave the experience of living in a part of a magnificent country house in a small cosy scale.”

Where there any specific details about the property that delighted you?

“I loved the view from the bedroom window – waking up to that was just dreamy! Being able to walk around the beautiful grounds as we wished, getting fresh air and exploring the amazing wilderness countryside just outside our front door was especially beneficial for us to be home quick if the weather turned!”

Olivia enjoying her Babymoon

Where you made to feel welcome?

“Very welcome, we were greeted on arrival and given a little tour of the place as well as the history of the old larder. And we felt assured that the Housekeeper was close by and on hand to help us resolve any issues if they arose during our stay.”

What was your favourite room?

“Mine was the living room with the fireplace! So cosy!”

Describe the surroundings….

“Absolutely breathtaking! Beautiful green hills that went on for miles, the most stunning lakes I have ever seen in my life and the prettiest purple flowers that seemed to grow everywhere! Everything about the Old Larder made it perfect for a wonderful relaxing, battery-recharging stay, which is exactly what we were looking for!

The flagstone floors were a favourite feature Olivias partner Danny, enjoying the view.

Just from reading Olivias feedback we can tell she had a lovely relaxing stay at The Old Larder and that’s what we are all about. We hunt high and low for the most beautiful holiday homes in Scotland so we can offer you the best out there. We want you to be able to book a cottage, lodge or castle, for any occasion and have the best possible time when staying in its walls. The Old Larder is a particularly popular holiday home and that’s because it lends itself so well to romantic breaks, small families and also those looking for a bit of ‘me time’. But it is nice to see it being used for such a special reason, to give to new parents a last bit of quality time before they take on their next chapter!

If you are looking to arrange your Babymoon keep us in mind. We have a lovely selection of holiday cottages which will ensure you a comfortable and memorable stay. Any questions, just give us a call on 01738 451 610.

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