Wet weather past-time for kids

Who is a fan of Scotland’s ever changing weather?

Ah the Great British Summer. A time of ice-cream and sandals; light evenings and seemingly endless days of seaside sounds and sand in sandwiches, the six weeks of summer holidays stretch out as an eternity of memory making fun. Made more so by the Great British optimism that the Great British Summer will serve up some Great British SUNSHINE.

Wet weather in Scotland, we prefer the sunshine

Reiff Beach Cottage, Reiff, Highlands (sleeps 8)

That the summer holidays are epitomised by the weather comes as no surprise, in fact so obsessed are we with the weather, and so confident that this obsession is shared with the general populous, that reference to it in situations were conversation is necessary (at the checkout counter, queuing for coffee) is a safe bet for an innocuous yet satisfying chat. And so established in its identity almost every conversation will contain one of two sentences: “hasn’t the weather been fantastic” or the more frequent “hasn’t the weather been awful?”. Reliable and predictable, the weather never lets us down. Unless we are looking for sunshine in the summer. In that instance, it’s distressingly undependable. Capricious in nature, our fickle friend can turn a well-planned sun day into a dripping wet glum day, and our summer holidays do a one-eighty from hazy outdoor lazing to cooped up indoor energy. Ah the exuberance of children is so much more apparent when it’s shut up indoors!

The reality of our Great British summer is that without doubt there will be days when the weather fails us, and the wet weather plan is forced in to action. And when the children are done with the inevitable joy of puddle-jumping (it will happen, there is no-one alive who can resist a good puddle-jump) they will, no doubt about it, trudge indoors with masses of expendable energy (because who doesn’t re-energise after a good puddle-jump). So here it is, a few tips for indoor survival, a go-to list of wet weather past times that will help you survive the Great British summer when the Great British weather blows a wet raspberry and chases the children indoors.

Arts and Crafts – anything from making a peacock with hand prints to paper-mache hot air balloons. These range from simple arts to more complicated crafts, the choice of which depends on the attention span of the crowd in question! Remember to read the room and choose the activity accordingly, and use plenty of paper to protect your surfaces – you want to make sure you get your Good Housekeeping Deposit back!

Board games – who doesn’t love a round of Ludo? Or snakes and ladders? The success of this is making sure that the games you choose are appropriate ages for the children. Try and have a mixture of age-range games, and preferably ones without lots of small pieces as they have a tendency to get lost. A great one is twister, although it could be argued that it is not a board game, but children love it!

Wet weather in Scotland makes us stay inside

The cosy snug room at Binsness is perfect for a rainy day (sleeps 15)

Parlour games – The joy with these games is that they don’t require any props, and are staples from childhood parties. Really good for large numbers, these games will keep everyone busy. Try wink murder (which is not as gruesome as its sounds!) where the anonymous murdered winks at people whilst the detective tries to work out who is winking; animal crackers where the participants hop like a bunny or frog; squat and waddle like a duck; and so on; or if you want some peace and quiet, how about hide and seek, or the equally as exciting sardines, both of which will take the children from your sight.

Treasure hunt – A simple treasure or scavenger hunt can be a great success, especially if there is a simple treat at the end as a reward! Write up some simple clues that will take the children around the house from room to room. Including little extras that they need to collect along the way, such as a book with the word “little” in the title” or a cuddly toy wearing glasses, will add an extra dimension too.

Masterchef Playdough – A new one we heard of recently, masterchef playdough charges the participant to make the most creative and exciting meal they can out of playdough. Think purple spaghetti worms and blue peas, multi-topped pizza and crinkle cut chips, the choices are endless and with a hard to please judging panel the competition hots up nicely along the way!

A good book – Snuggling down for a group read is a great way to slow things down and get a little respite. This will work best once some energy is expended, as the willingness to sit and listen is usually more acceptable when children are pooped. If there is a large group then at the decision of which book to read is yours, to avoid any disappointment. However, a smaller group may allow for each child to pick a book, provided they aren’t novels!

Wet weather in Scotland means time for reading books

Bedroom reading is a pleasure at Kirkton House (sleeps 12)

Card games – Simple card games such as pairs or snap are a great past time. Again, these can be done with specially designed pair packs (think nursery rhyme characters) but if those aren’t available then a standard pack of cards will do. And if you happen to know any cards tricks then this will provide lots of bemused wonder.

Build a den – for those who were allowed to build dens, the endless hours of fun that this created was unbeatable. Adult participation may be required to secure the high places! Not only does it take time to make the den, but once it is up and running there are hours of entertainment in the interior decoration and the modifications that will be required when a better way to do something is discovered! Stairwells, bed frames, doubles doors as a pitched roof – what can go wrong?!

Some of our holiday homes could have been designed with indoor entertainment and play in mind. Take a look at our featured collection here that know how to do ‘family entertainment’ well…

Wet weather in Scotland is no problem with a games room like this

The fabulous games room at New Lodge

New Lodge in Strathcarron on the west coast is a truly exceptional, purpose-built large holiday house in a great location that offers unsurpassed facilities and presentation. Outside you will find the “Ceilidh Barn”, a simply superb space filled with delights like snooker and pool tables, table tennis, roulette, table football as well as a 58″ flat screen TV with surround sound, large wood burner, bathroom and kitchen area! Sleeps 18 | Strathcarron, Highlands | Pet friendly |

A great playroom for wet weather in Scotland

A great playroom for the kids at Fassfern House

Fassfern House, another West Coast gem nearby Fort William, is full of character and sleeps 10 people in a traditional, relaxed atmosphere. Warm and well maintained throughout with spacious rooms and fine furnishings, Fassfern is fully equipped to accommodate all occasions and ages, and the games room complete with snooker table can provide hours of entertainment! Sleeps 10 | Fort William | Pet friendly |

Wet weather in Scotland means cinema days

A slick cinema room can be found in Edgehill

A mere 40 minutes from Edinburgh and situated in the quiet village of Gullane, Edgehill House is the perfect property for those seeking to spoil themselves with a fabulous getaway in a boutique-style property. Contemporary design flows across three floors, from a private cinema that seats 12 on the ground floor, to the indoor swimming pool and steam room, Edgehill house is built for luxurious entertainment. Sleeps 14 | Gullane, Edinburgh |

So now when the rainy weather comes in and ruins the summer’s day plan, you can laugh, shrug on that Great British attitude of “getting the job done”. And by the time the evening comes around the children will be out cold, just as if they had spent all day in our Great British fresh air.

If you are interested in any of the holiday homes featured just click on their photos and you will be taken to our website. If you have any questions feel free to give us a call on 01738 451 610.

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