Halloween brainteaser: find the evil ghost! holiday cottages

Halloween brainteaser: find the evil ghost!

Jemima Kirkwood 15 October 2020

Autumn is upon us as we find the days getting shorter and the nights getting longer. The chill in the air creeps into October and the need for warmer clothes and wood burning fires becomes more essential to get us through the colder months – but is this chill natural or super-natural? We are approaching the 31st October after all…

Halloween – the night we all come together to ward off ghosts of the past by scaring them with our spookiest outfits. We take to the moonlit streets and trick or treat our way to bucketfuls of chewy sweets and candy bars, whilst looking over our shoulder for ghouls and goblins waiting to frighten us. But down certain alleyways and lanes, we come across haunted houses that may induce fear and panic, where ghosts of the past live on to either make friends with us or scare us away.

This haunted house is full of ghosts and ghouls, but some are eviler than others – they can’t all be like Casper we suppose! Can you spot the evil ghost amongst them?

Perhaps the evil ghost is aggressive and upfront, roaming the grounds of the house spreading misery and sadness, or maybe it is a sly character that lurks in the windows showing itself to unfortunate victims who dare to enter. Whatever you do, don’t anger it – it’s best to leave the unknown alone…

Here at Cottages and Castles, we think this one is pretty difficult, so why not make it a Halloween game to race against your friends and family to see who can find the evil ghost first? Set a timer and a prize – we suggest the winner gets double the amount of sweets! It’s taken our team an average of 2 minutes and 37 seconds to spot the creepy ghoul - can you beat us?

If you're struggling to find the evil ghost, keep scrolling to see where it's hiding!

We have also written a guide to the haunted castles of Scotland which offers some great insight into the history of each castle and who haunts their very walls now. We also have a variety of cottages in Scotland perfect for all the Halloween festivities you have planned. Have a spooktacular Halloween come the 31st!

Too tricky? Check out the kids' edition here and see if you can spot the evil ghoul...

The answers

Did you find the evil ghost? Let's see if you got it right...

Did the kids get it right? Check against our easy reveal here:

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